Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy 2017!!!!!!!!

Happy 2017 to all of us, dear friends!!!
 I hope you are all well and enjoying these very first days of the brand new year .Today it is bitter cold ,  but we have no snow in Athens,
though we had some  just after Christmas  , which was a nice,much expected,winter surprise for us!
  We had a good time over the holidays spent with family and friends and I’m glad to say I managed to rest a bit and recharge my batteries.
Apart from cooking some festive meals and visiting people we love ,
 I also found the  time to  do some little ‘creative’ , crafty  things.
Every year I’m happy to receive or buy lucky charms not just for good luck but also because I like looking at them and remember  that years   come and go very fast and we'd better try to make the most out of them .

 This year, I made two charms using   material I had at home , the only thing I bought were the two tiny, golden 'houses' with  the number 2017 on them.
 I kept  one and offered the other one to my sister . I quite like them ,especially the one with the little bird on.
I’m also very happy to announce that the baby’s room is almost ready and he is already spending lots of fun play time in it, hiding under his little, white table and scattering his colourful toys all around. 

I made the curtains for the room myself , plus a cushion  using the same fabric ,which I like, because it features a silly looking  giraffe sailing   on a boat ,
staring at his friend floating in the sky,hanging  from a blue balloon! I like its bright yellow colour and  its ‘happy mood’.

Well, that’s all for now dear friends, I will leave you  for the time being with warm wishes for many happy , creative  moments and days  throughout  this new  year!!!!!!!
My love,

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


  1. A very happy 2017 Tina, love that yellow, so cheerful. Hx

  2. Thank you my friend, happy 2017 to you,too.

  3. I am bit late with this - please forgive me!
    Wishing you an exciting and creative new year filled with health, love and happiness!