Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hello dear readers !!!
I’m back to  blogland and very happy for this !
Winter is over and  the warmth of sun and clear , big, blue skies  are back!
The air smells like spring and the days are longer , green grass and colourful blossoms and flowers are everywhere and the  rebirth of Nature  brings  along  a reassuring  feeling  of better days. 

 I always think of how different my life is in warm seasons. I feel so much more ready for  being inspired  , for creation and new beginnings.

  I’m a summer girl myself and though I love  the change of seasons  nothing can beat the carefree days of summer holidays and being close to nature.
Last week we  spent the day  in a little village by the sea  and most of the pictures that follow are from there .                                
        I’m amazed every year I return to this place in spring time, at  the  meadow of mauve wild violets that thrive on the shingle beach!

 These humble flowers are  so delicate and  pretty and ask for nothing  else  than a little salty soil to thrive in.   I’m always  so happy to see them so close to water  , claiming the sea  !

I wish you all lots of lovely warm days  in the sun  , under clear blue skies !!!
I hope to be back to blogland soon with  more 'creative' news this time !
Enjoy your Sunday!
My love to all, 
 Tina x 


  1. I love beach scenes. Your photos are beautiful & I love the huts! Are they loos?

    1. I love beach huts,so much! These ones are changing 'rooms'. They are used by swimmers during summer months.

  2. Beautiful pictures...Happy Spring!
    Helen xox

  3. Thank you Helen. Happy and creative spring to you,too! Tina x