Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy August !

I'm happy to be back after a long time . I was busy with all the things that occupy a mother's day and also travelling a little bit to  summer destinations .
 Time flies really and we are already  in August . It's the time for vacations for most people in Greece as this is when they  take their holiday leaves.Wherever you  travel to there are hordes of people with suitcases and  swim wear . It's nice . It's the time when adults become children again.   You see them splashing in and out of the sea, playing rackets , lying on  sunbeds for hours and eating ice creams.
 Summer living in Greece is very different from the  rest of the seasons. It's the heat , the strong sun, the turquoise  sea, the clear, blue skies that make you want to hang  out  all day ,getting suntanned and  making the most of it all!!
Summer is my favourite time of year and this is because it's the time when I indulge im some favourite activities.: daydreaming sitting on a beach 'chair' feeeling  the sand under my toes,
  watching all sorts of sea vessels and 'making' some ,

hanging bunting in the garden,
decorating with happily coloured cushions and reading magazines,
 watching the sea and the distant horizons,
  painting pebbles and offering  them to friends,
photographing the flowers in my little garden, crocheting,
 and of couse spending some care free time with my family  on the beach and near it !!

 (This is the old port in Chania, Crete which we visisted last week)
 (The light house at the entrance of the port in Chania)
 (The sun set  in the Corinthean Gulf , in the Peloponnese))
 Bye, bye for now my friends,
Happy August to all of you and my wishes for many, many lovely moments with the people you love.

Tina xxxx


  1. Wonderfully captured moments of your summer! I may have written all of that because we share the same interests. Have a lovely August ahead!

  2. Thank you my dear .I hope you also had a lovely summer and I wish you a merry autumn , as well.
    Tina xxx

  3. I miss those good old times! Such beautiful moments we spend together in summer!
    Your beloved student and niece,

  4. I miss summer too.sniff sniff.My love xxxxxxxxx to you!!!