Saturday, November 18, 2017

Chalk Paint frenzy!!!

This last week I have been transforming furniture and items  of my household using chalk paint.
Everybody seems to be talking about chalk paint recently and it actually had a prominent  position  in the biggest arts and crafts show that took place in Athens, some days ago.
Women seem to be ‘obsessed’ with it !!! I watched a few videos on you tube, and I was amazed to see  how determined these ladies were to paint  various items of their household, even new furniture in excellent condition!
Anyway, I got infected by this virus, too and felt this urge inside me to change two little tables and an armchair which are inherited pieces by my mother and belonged to my grandmother!

I love them and hate them, too. This love-hate relationship had to end and we had to proceed to a new stage in order for me to be happier and the furniture to remain in my house!
 So I took brushes and paints out and the tables were transformed into their much improved selves in two different shades of white (e.g. pergamon white and marble).                                           
After applying three coats of chalk paint , I waxed them and used sandpaper to give them a dated look. The small table went through a stenciling process too. Look, isn’t it just beautiful? I loooove it!!!!! I Love the stencil and the colour, which I made myself using acrylic colours and chalk paint.

 I also painted a metal pot and put it on the biggest table, next to a lamp whose shade I upholstered myself and then made a heart using the same fabric. I love this fabric.

 I didn’t paint the whole armchair but only part of it and sandpapered it, too. It has changed a little and it looks quite good next to my lovely ‘white’ tables.

 As the end of the year approaches, I have started making my good luck charms, as I do every year. I very much like to offer them to my friends and relatives and the one you can see in the photo, has already found a new home!

 For this one I used two small cubes of handmade soap  , ribbons, strings, a tiny star and a bell .
I will now leave you my friends, with my warmest wishes for a relaxed and happy Sunday, and a fruitful week ahead.
My love to all,
Tina xxx


  1. They look great Tina and so special as you have kept a piece of your grandmother's life with you. Enjoy them. Hx

    1. Thank you my dear.I really love some of the items I have inherited from my family and want to keep them in a good condition also giving them a more modern touch.

  2. I have experienced 'chalk paint frenzy' too, a little while ago, so I know what you mean! You did a wonderful job Tina...the tables look amazing...I love the stencil so much and the chair looks so pretty now! xox

    1. I 'm really glad you like my tables and old chair. Those of us who love crafts are always excited about new arts and crafts materials.

  3. The tables are lovely and your idea to transorm them using 'chalk paint' was very creative.Hope you enjoy the weekend,Nafsika!

  4. Thank you my dear for your kind and sweet words.I hope to see you at the weekend.My love, Tina xxxx