Saturday, December 2, 2017

Microcosms in Winter

Hello my friends!!!
December is already here and ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’ , though this isn’t very likely to happen in my part of the  world.
Today, I will be showing you how I created a ‘microcosm’ for my little boy’s room combining a bit of painting with tiny wooden houses and creatures of the forest .
I have a thing with tiny houses and I can’t resist it  when I come across one. I bought these ones a month ago, with a rough  idea in my mind to create a small neighbourhood with trees, houses and animals in a rural environment.

 I used acrylic paint to give colour to the houses, tiny squirrels and birds and  to create a background with green pine trees and bushes .

 I added a butterfly and birds  flying in a distance and my setting was ready.
I put everything in place using glue and then placed the whole ‘scene’ inside a white , wooden frame. I put some of the tiny creatures at the foreground , sticking them at the inner part  of the frame to give it a 3D dimension and finally I  hung it beside another  similar frame, in the boy’s room. 

I’m quite happy with the outcome and my son seems quite curious about it and points at it all the time when he notices it .
Since I’m talking about ‘made up’ worlds today , I would like to share with you some pictures I took this morning of ‘Santa’s Kingdom’ – a winter wonderland  , as they call it in the advertisements- which we visited with our little one to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.

 It was quite nice , especially the snowy winter scenes with the polar bears, reindeer, creatures featured in fairy tales and of course Santa, who travelled all the way from Finland to be photographed with the little ones!

I will leave you here with many wishes for a restful and happy December weekend,my friends.
My love, as always,
Tina xxx


  1. Such a lovely christmas decoration for your son's bedroom!Love the pics.

  2. Thank you so much ,you are always so sweet and kind. See you soon,with my love, Tina xxx

  3. What lovely photos. The picture you made is really beautiful. He's a lucky boy!

  4. Thank you so much my dear.I'm a lucky mum myself, so he deserves the best! Tina xxx

  5. Lovely little worlds!Ilove them too.
    Kisses, Jeison King.

    1. Thank you Jeison,I know that little words are your favourite! My love ,Tina xxx

  6. Your son has a very talented Mum, both pictures are lovely. Hx

    1. Thank you my dear! Your comments always make me happy!I wish happy holidays ! Tina x

  7. Amazing job Tina! I was on a quest to find some wooden houses to make a similar Christmas scenery at home, but it just didn't happen.

  8. I bought them from an arts and crafts shop here in Athens. I have also seen them in other shops that sell materials for crafts .Hope you find them and create your microcosm! Love,Tina xxx