Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A jewellery box

Hello again!!
Today  I'll show you how I transformed a box I bought from IKEA   for just 4 euros into a lovely jewellery box.
 The box is divided into little 'sections' which are just perfect for storing  necklaces  and bracelets which are quite bulky and take up most of the space in drawers and smaller boxes.

  I have always had this problem with necklaces made of beads and big stones which I quite like, but are difficult to store , keep them in good condition and  find them easily when you are in a hurry and can't spend  ages trying to locate them among a trillion other accessories!
I was very pleased to find this big, white box ,which actually  put an end to my 'what -to -wear -tomorrow'quest!
 I arranged everything nicely inside and put the box on a chest of drawers in my room.
Next, I decided to make it look pretty and more attractive .
 I picked two paper napkins from my collection and used decoupage glue and varnish to transform it into a  smart and pretty jewellery box which looks nice next to other smaller jewellery boxes and perfume bottles in my bedroom.

 I'm happy with the outcome and with how handy this box proved to be.

 That's all for now , dear friends. I wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!
Take care and have fun!!!!
                                                                            Tina xxx


  1. Thank you for all the lovely ideas you are giving us. Love,Sandra

    1. Thank you my dear, I always try to give you some easy ideas for crafts that inspire you and make your life and house prettier!!!Hope you enjoy the weekend and the carnival celebrations!!!

  2. I need something like this but bigger :)
    Already have 3-4 jewelry boxes that really don't fit their purpose as it is, so something like this would be quite handy.
    I love the napkins you used for it. They make the box glamorous!

  3. How creative! And such an elegant upcycle. I like to hang my necklaces so that I never have knots.

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