Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chalk paint revamp and a bracelet

Good morning everyone!!!
It had been raining at night and early morning here in Athens, but now the weather is glorious, sunny and rather warm. Spring is definitely in the air and I wish for long walks in the countryside , wandering around winding lanes, gazing at the distant , green and blue horizon!
I long for the new blooms in the trees and wild flowers in the valleys and gardens, smells of lemon tree blossoms and grass.
Being in such a mood ,I couldn't but adapt my crafty activities to it. I decided to make a red and white bracelet, called 'March' or Μάρτης  in Greek and which is a tradition that goes back many years, when people made these bracelets to 'protect' them against the sun of Spring and probably the evil eye.
People still make them and wear them when March comes. In recent years they have been adapted to match the trends of the time . So they are now embellished with beads and little metal items, though in the past they were very simple . People just used red and white sewing threads and they made very thin bracelets to wear on the first day of March and Spring.
I found a very good tutorial in You tube  both  in English and Greek and followed the instructions to make my little March bracelet. I added a small flower and a blue bead and I' m pleased with the outcome. I will wear it for as long as I feel like it!

Another little project I finished the other day is this old trunk transformation using chalk paint. I've had it for many years and served different uses in my home. But it required a revamp.

 I used the 'pergamon white' chalk paint of the 'Chalk of the Town'. It covered all the nasty old colour right away and when I finally waxed it , its surface was soft and shiny and new all over again.

 I put some fake flower pots in and I smile every time I see it in my dining room.

  It's amazing how much something trivial can lift your spirits when it is something that you have made and pleases your heart!

I wish you a lovely weekend and  many happy creative uplifting moments!!! Take care of yourselves. 
My love,
Tina xxxx


  1. Ολα μου αρέσουν αλλά κυρίως το πλεκτό.Είναι τέλειο!Είσαι αυτό που λέμε χρυσοχέρα!
    Καλή σου μέρα.

  2. That trunk looks wonderful, so different. Love the bracelet too very pretty.

  3. You mentioned working with chalk paint and I was wondering what other projects you used it for the little trunk is adorable!

    1. I have painted furnitute,metal pots, photo frames etc
      It covers all surfaces very well. It is worth trying it.

  4. What a colorful post to welcome spring. Enjoy your pretty flowers.