Thursday, July 5, 2018


After such a long and exhausting winter and school year , here we are at the beginning of our holidays. I said goodbye to school last Friday and as the little one still attends his nursery school , I spend most of my days at home doing housework . It is the time of year I  always  look forward to, so that I can do various boring but necessary home stuff which is  left behind.
 While doing house work, I’m dreaming of holidays at the seaside, sipping a refreshing drink and listening to the soft murmuring of the waves on the wet sand………… .Oh these dreams make me sigh….. . I do love summer! I don’t mind the heat . It’s so liberating to wear light, bright clothes and walk on the beach feeling the warm  breeze on your tanned body.
You  forget your worries and concerns and you just exist for the sun ,the sea and the blue sky above. Summer is my season!

 We manage to escape to the beach for some hours at the weekend and  it is always such a treat and major pleasure for me to gaze at the blue horizon ,swim and lie on the soft and warm sand .

 We are so very lucky to live in a country with a vast coast line and islands with clear and clean water and lovely weather most of the time!
 On the ‘craft and art’ front , there is very little I have made , but I have some plans for the holidays. I have bought some material to make some summer wreathes and bunting for the garden . I have already made one wreath for a good friend . Do you like it?

  These days I mainly post in my instagram account and I find it such a fun and easy way to contact people . This is why I haven’t updated my blog posts. Anyway,  my little blog is always a sweet love for me and a lovely journal and diary  which is really worth keeping alive.
I hope to post soon and to have some inspiring creations to show you J❤️♥️
My love and wishes for a lovely , creative and relaxing summer to all of you.
Tina xxx


  1. Lovely photos, reminds me of our holidays in Rhodes. It's been hot int e UK for a couple of weeks now & looks like it's set to continue. Problem is no rain so the grass is looking very sad, doesn't usually happen here in the North. Had to get the hose pipe put tonight to water the garden. Thankfully it's a bit cooler here than some parts of the country we have fresh sea breezes, sometimes very fresh!

    Love that wreath you have such wonderful ideas, hope to see some more soon. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thank you Winifred for your comment.It looks as if the climatic change has started .We see it quite clearly here in Greece.Winters are so mild that we rarely ever wear very warm clothes any more and snow is rare too in my area, at least. It's such a pity for green areas to get dry and brown unless you use loads of water to keep them alive.Anyway, we'll see what happens. My very best to you,Tina.

  2. Such beautiful pictures,i hope you are having a great time!!Looking forward to meeting you in Elaionas!!
    Love , Nafsika

    1. Where r u?? I'm sure you are having a great time! Thank you for the comment.kisses xxx