Thursday, October 31, 2019

Autumn moments 🍂🍁🌺

Hello dear readers 💛!! 
Autumn is here in my patch of the world after a very  long and lovely summer. Today it has been raining and I quite enjoy it as rain had been missed in the last few months. I' m drinking my aromatic filter coffee  and feeling the urge to go through my photo album and the snaps of my daily activities and events,  bringing back to mind some lovely autumn memories . If you want to see what I have been up to stay with me and lets take a look at my pics below. 💞🏡

Just two months have passed since the 1st  of September and we were blessed to do so many things and visit places.  I celebrated my birthday,  we spent some time on the mountains,  went on a day trip to a lovely area  with a lake,  spent few days in our little country house near the sea, had some relaxed time sipping coffee and eating something sweet and so many more. I feel grateful for  all the little moments we enjoy as a family. Simple everyday things that create happy memories .
My love and best wishes to all of you. May we all have a happy November and a"warm" and cosy winter.😚


  1. Such beautiful photos. I particularly like the ones of the beaches empty of people. I grew up in the North East & our beaches are often very quiet, proabably becasue of the cool winds. I hate crowded beaches!

  2. It's this time of year that people don't go swimming and the beaches are empty. Though even in summer time the beaches in this area are not crowded and there is plenty of space for us to lie on our beach towels without being disturbed by other people who sit right next to us. Thank you for leaving a comment ,Winifred
    Have a lovely evening.