Friday, September 26, 2014

Ideas for making lovely decorative wreaths for all seasons

I have always loved wreaths for decoration and I never cease to come up with  ideas about how to make yet another one,  when Christmas, Easter, Spring or Summer are around the corner.
But what is it that attracts me to them? Is it their circular shape which represents, among other things, unity, wholeness and completion, or just the fact that you can use them almost everywhere at home to add this special or festive touch which can easily beautify your space, at a low cost?
The answer remains unknown,  but the fact is that I have an endless obsession with wreaths, so today I decided to share with you just few of them  ,which are a permanent decorative element of my house.
 Wreath  No 1: This blue, white, beige and cream wreath may look quite summery, but I love looking at it all year round , so it welcomes me every morning when I get into my kitchen .
It is very easy to make. The most laborious part is the making of the little bird at the bottom.
To make it , you need to cut out some fabric in the shape of a little bird  , sew it and stuff it with whatever appropriate material you  have at home. Then, use some PVA glue to stick some fabric feathers on its tiny body .You can also use a little black bead  or a round piece of fabric at a suitable colour and size for its eye. This is the most special feature of the wreath , in my opinion, because it gives extra ‘volume’ to your creation. Apart from the little bird , you can make small fabric mushrooms, hearts and  little houses . I have here used a wooden heart in white colour, two small wooden houses and letters in different hues of blue , to form the word ‘Home’.
 After I had glued the decorative elements on the wreath , I  used a length of  blue and white  fabric to wrap it around the wreath . This ‘ribbon’ adds some extra colour to it  and ‘completes’  it in a way.
Wreath No 2 : I used the same method as the one I used for the first wreath, but  I made some fabric  fish instead of birds and also painted some sea urchin shells, which I found on the beach. The painted sea urchin shells look great when you add a coat of acrylic paint on them and they are fantastic for using on a summery wreath. I also added some tiny pieces of drift wood and starfish (real and plaster ones) .Instead of a fabric ribbon , I used some lengths of raffia . They give a country style look to the wreath.
Wreath No 3 : The easiest and fastest to make at no cost at all.
Use any twigs  you may get from a garden , make a circular shape , tie them in place using some raffia and add little bows  made of fabric in different colours and texture   . You can add some colourful buttons and little hearts, which  you can hang from the wreath using raffia.

Here you are!! You  can have a new wreathe for a wall on the balcony or  the front door at no time at all.

Thank you for reading dear readers and I wish you a lovely , creative  weekend. The weather in Greece tomorrow will be quite cold and autumnal but I suppose it was about time. 

Till next time , 


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    1. Thank you Georgia . You are very sweet.

  2. These are so pretty! I do love a wreath to brighten up a corner :)
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

    1. I'm glad you like the wreaths and thank you so much for leaving a comment. It is always very encouraging to see that other people like your work.
      Happy week too.
      Tina xxx