Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ideas for making your own jewellery!

Hello dear readers!
Today is officially the beginning of autumn and since we are spending more time indoors, why not occupy ourselves with something creative and useful.  So, I will give you some easy ideas about how to make your own, inexpensive but unique pieces of jewellery. Actually, you are not going to make them. You will put different materials together, use your creative imagination and create something of your own.
The idea is either to use material that you already have at home or buy some, at low prices and combine new and old stuff to come up with something lovely, modern  and ‘new’.
Let’s get to work then.
Open your jewellery boxes, paper boxes, drawers etc. where you keep old jewellery ,  chains , pendants, old beads  in different sizes, colours and materials , various pieces from old earrings, broken bracelets, necklaces and so on  and think of how you can give them……… new life!
(The idea is that we don’t throw old stuff away. I’m talking about things that you like, because of their colour, texture, shape, pattern, material etc. Keep them and one day they may prove a little ‘treasure’.)
If you want to combine old with new, there are a lot of shops who sell fantastic stuff for making your own jewellery , like beads, chains, pendants, waxed strings in different colours etc. etc.

Today, I will give you three different ideas for necklaces that will attract attention!
For the first one you will need :
1. a lovely flat ‘bead’  in the colour of the sea and the sky
2. a blue or turquoise tassel,
3. a small silver bead
4. waxed string in blue or black colour
I call this necklace ‘summer time memory’ because of its colours.
Of course, you can pick the colours you like.
First pass the string through the loop of the tassel and then, use both ends of the string and pass them
through first ,the holes of the big bead and then, through the hole of the silver bead .
Finally, tie a knot to secure the two ends of the string and you are ready. Voila!!
Isn’t it nice? It reminds me so much of summer time and the sea ...

 The second necklace doesn’t require any skill at all. Just use an old silver chain that you have and probably never wear these days and buy an eye catching pendant to wear it with.
 I chose this elephant in silver colour (at a very low price -1 Euro!!) .The elephant is the symbol of strength, wisdom, kindness, beauty and power and it is supposed to bring good luck. I don’t know about good luck, but I like him (or her?)!
 For my third idea you will need:
1. a pendant inspired by the Orient
2. a red tassel
3. about 65 beads in black colour (or less, if you want your necklace shorter)
4. 1 m of waxed string

Again, you start by passing the string through the loop of the tassel and then both ends of the string through the holes of the pendant .Then, pass the string through the holes of the black beads  at both  ‘sides’ of the pendant. Tie the ends of the string with a knot. Add some PVA glue on the knot(s) to secure it in place.     
   So here you are!! You can make a number of ‘new’ necklaces by spending almost no money.
The idea is to up cycle things and be creative!!
I would be very glad if you try my ideas and write to me about it.
Till next time,
My love to all of you and particularly to……… a sweet boy!!


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