Saturday, November 1, 2014

Everyday creative moments

Hello dear readers and happy new month! The 1st of November brings with it clouds and the ‘threat’ of rain here in Athens, but it is Saturday and since we don’t work today, we can enjoy this winter weather from the warmth of our homes.

It’s been some days now I haven’t posted anything, so today I will try to give you an idea of some of the things I have done on the front of creativity. Would you like to have a peek?
October is birthday month in our home and a birthday celebration –no matter how big or humble it may be -requires   some sort of decoration which will brighten up the place and welcome visitors. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time, patience or money to create something extra WOW  for the event . So what about using whatever we have at home to make something nice at no time and at a very low cost. The key word here is: paper napkins with interesting patterns.  Here, have a look! 
 You can use some raffia and felt flowers in different colors and create napkin rings. Pass the napkin through the ring and place it on similarly coloured plates.
Another easy idea is to use tiny coloured pegs. A little raffia bow can add a little something to the final outcome. What do you think?
After I had set the table, I realized that it would be nice to decorate the wall with some sort of bunting,but since there was nothing suitable around, I decided to make something on the spot! Napkins, raffia and tiny pegs,  again. I used the raffia to hang the napkins from, using the cute little pegs. 

  I cut each napkin into for equal pieces and I used each piece separately, so that they were lighter and easier to hang from the raffia.
I think they look quite festive and give a good touch of color to a wall or hang above the fire place. 

Since we are talking about birthdays, here is a simple but cute little decoupage ‘creation’ I made for a friend’s birthday. 
  She put it on her dressing table and I’m glad, because while I was making it I was thinking that it would look nice on a dressing table, among jewelry boxes and perfumes :) Do you agree?

Some days ago , I was also very happy to welcome some new residents to this house!


little, happy looking robins!! Oh adore robins and they so much remind me of Christmas and winter bliss. Do you like them?

Of course every little creature need to have their home, so here you are !  
 My new residents will have their tiny, red, wooden, oh –so- sweet bird houses , that make me smile.
They will soon all appear on the branches of a small Christmas tree and I’m secretly very much looking forward to this moment!! 
I so much like looking around craft shops .They are often a sourse of inspiration and the beginning of yet  another creative project.While I was browsing a shop  which sells material for DIY jewelry, the other day, I had this idea: to make  a crochet pendant!
I soon gave it a go and this is what I came up with.  
Of course, it needed some embellishment and  beads in different colors seemed quite appropriate. I think it will look quite good worn over a white or black T-shirt and jeans and a happy smile on a girls face.

I hope you liked my ideas and the colourful pictures of my little world. 
That’s all for now, dear readers.
I wish you all a lovely weekend ,no matter where you are in the world!
Tina xxx


  1. Very good job,

    1. Thank you Virginia,
      It is so nice to receive your sweet comments.
      Have a nice week.
      Tina xxx

  2. Very nice photos,

  3. Gorgeous colourful makes. I especially love those sweet little robins and their little bird houses too!
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you so much for you comment ,Helen. I'm always happy to receive your feedback on what I post here.
      Warm wishes,
      Tina xxx