Monday, November 10, 2014

Little houses and a necklace

 Last weekend started with stormy weather but it ended up with sunshine!
The weather forecast had warned us for extreme weather conditions and Friday afternoon was so overcast that I thought that they were right. So, I hurried back home after work, though I had the chance to pay a very quick visit to a favourite shop first and buy some ‘necessary material’ for a weekend at home(more about it later).
 On Saturday morning I woke up in a rainy Athens and I was happy I could stay in and indulge myself in things I like(e.g. have a nice breakfast and read a favourite magazine).Then, it was time for some creativity, while the rain was falling outside and it was getting darker and darker. I felt very Christmassy for some reason and I l turned on some tiny, red fairy lights that I have recently put in my kitchen.  I looked outside and I saw my neighbours’ garden, all wet and lonely but Oh-so-beautiful and I felt the urge to create something cute and sweet and ‘tender’.
 The decision was made in my mind. I would make some little wooden houses, covered in lovely flowery fabric, with tiny doors and windows, which remind me of fairy tale creatures and happy Christmas stories.

So here we are! Look at the houses before their transformation. Just wood.
My husband actually cut the wood and gave it this shape, some months ago, but I hadn’t managed to do anything decorative with them, so they lay patiently waiting for this moment, for quite some time.

I used three different fabrics for this project, all very beautiful and my favourite. Then, I added the details and put them on a shelf with my fairy lights. Don’t they look quite festive?

 The next project I did at the weekend, is this necklace which turned out very impressive. What do you think?

  I love the colours and the texture of the beads. I bought the material on Friday after work, just before the rain started.            
On Sunday, the weather was brilliant. Everything looks different when it is ‘soaked’ in sunlight.
 Look at these pomegranates. Aren’t the colours incredible? And you know what? They remind me of the colours in my new necklace. What a nice coincidence!

Well, dear readers, this is my weekend story of rain, sun, fairy lights , beads and tiny houses. I hope you liked it and I will now leave you with lots of warm wishes for a lovely week.
Till next time,

Tina xxx


  1. The little houses are so nice. It gives me the taste to built one..
    And the necklace is beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment . It is so nice to inspire one another and make beautiful things for our house and family.
      Have a nice day.
      Tina xxxx

  2. Very nice ideas.

  3. I like very much these pictures,
    LINDA xox.

    1. Thank you Linda,
      I'm glad you like the photos and I hope to have given you some ideas for future projects.