Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seasons in a bowl!!

Spring is here my dear readers!! Tomorrow March is making its entrance to our world 
and my heart and mind are full of its vivid, sweet colours and smells.
New life, new dreams and hopes, new plans!!! Spring heralds the rebirth of Nature and boosts our energy. It awakens and urges us to get rid of winter’s grey cobwebs. 

I love the changing of seasons and I always try to celebrate them in my little colourful house.
I usually make little changes and add little things here and there to mark the change of seasons and create little spots of interest .

 It is always nice to come back from work, tired and have a nice ,little something to welcome you on a table or shelf , at a corner of your house!
Today, I will share with you my ‘magic’ bowl. A bowl for all seasons, which appears either on a kitchen  shelf or on a table at the hallway, ‘smiling’ at me when I enter the house.   
It is a glass bowl, standing on a glass ‘leg’, neither big nor small, but just the right size to add its colourful decorative detail. 
I actually use it as a little ‘world’, where I imitate different scenes of life and nature, according to the season.
Look, this is the autumn version of my little world. A tiny wooden bird house, with a red roof, pine cones, acorns, little pieces of wood, some splashes of yellow and a little wooden critter, create an autumn scene. Do you like it? 

 When the first snow falls and the days are short and cold the tiny house rests on a layer or sugary snow, with some cinnamon sticks for fences, snow covered cones and some red, for extra colour.

Christmas finds the same house covered with a bit more icing sugar and a tiny Santa Claus ready to pay a visit to whoever lives in it. Some holly and some more pine cones are more than appropriate for this Christmas scene.

 Spring brings with it two tiny, colourful houses which you may remember from this post (little houses and a necklace) and lots of green grass, along with flowers and lots of happy little critters ready to celebrate all things flowery and sunny.

I hope you like my idea and you try it yourselves. It will definitely make you smile.
I always try to give you some easy ideas for things to make for your house, because I definitely believe that these colourful, artistic or even quirky   additions to our home, help create a more positive ambience and improve our mood. They also welcome friends and family in a sweet, cosy, family environment which attracts us and make us feel a ‘warmth’ that we all need .

Enjoy your night dear readers and tomorrow you will wake up in a new season!!. Isn’t that amazing!!

Happy Spring and my greetings to you all!!
Till next time, 
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Ωραία ιδέα πράγματι. Καλό Μάρτη, να είσαι και να περνάς καλά Τίνα!

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ και εσύ να είσαι καλά.
      Καλή σου μέρα!

  2. What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. I'm glad you liked it and for leaving a comment. It is always nice to hear from people and see that they like what you do.
      Have a nice day:)

  3. Very beautiful pictures and very nice ideas.

    1. Hello Virginia,
      Thank you for your sweet comment.
      Take care,
      Tina xxxx

  4. I love all your lovely pictures . . . that sweet little lamb . . . and your bowl for all seasons. That is a great idea!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. The little goat was born few days ago and it actually has two more siblings!
      My best,

  5. Lovely pictures! Very nice job!

  6. Hi Georgia,
    Thank you for the comment. Enjoy your Sunday.
    Tina xxxxx