Sunday, June 14, 2015

A decorative idea for your bathroom!!

Hello my dear readers! It’s been a while that we haven’t talked ,but this is a very hectic time of year
 at work , with exams , corrections of papers , marks etc.
 Nevertheless , ‘creation’ can never wait and fortunately there are often sources of inspiration around that can  trigger yet another  crafting processJ!
I was browsing a  Home Accessories store the other day and I came across a very simple but clever idea for  storing the toilet paper roll at your bathroom. I was thrilled, for some reason, by this little make and I decided to give it a try and share it with you.
  I seem to always be attracted to cute ,  little things one can easily make at home, using some  pretty , leftover fabric and her sewing skills.
These are the steps I followed:
STEP1 : choose a fabric that suits the colours of your bathroom and cut out a circle  and a rectangle, based on the dimensions of a toilet  paper roll.

 STEP 2 : Sew a hem for the rectangle  using a thread of a similar colour.
STEP 3: Sew the two ends of the rectangle in such a way that you form a cylinder .

STEP 4: Take the fabric circle and  place it on top of the cylinder and then sew it in a way that you  join the two (circle and cylinder  together) , forming  the case for the toilet roll.

 STEP 5: Embellish the case using fabric letters , a tiny bath pattern, tiny towels , little hearts or anything else you may  like. 
I actually glued the little fabric patterns on the toilet roll case, but you can sew them on it.

 Anyway, those of you who are good at sewing can create  fantastic things and make this little decorative item a ‘gem’ for the bathroom!

Happy crafting then, my dear readers and  enjoy the week that starts tomorrow.

Here in Greece it is really warm and summery and the beach is the place  to be for most of the time –if you are lucky enough to live near the sea!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh a real useful craft thing !!!! thanks for this tutorial !! I'm jealous : no sea near the house ... !!! Have a lovely week on the beach ... ! :-))

  2. Thank you Geraldine.
    The beach is quite far away from where I live and I have to be at work every working day , but I'm dreaming of the holidays and time spent on the beach :)
    Have a lovely week ,
    Tina xxx

  3. I love it when craft has a practical use around the home, thank you for this tutorial. Warm and summery weather sounds good, it still feels too cool here for summer. Hx

    1. I agree , practicality is essential to me and I try to combine usefulness with beauty -if possible.
      Thank you for your comment .
      Tina :)

  4. Μ'αρέσει πραγματικά αλλά είμαι εντελώς άσχετη με ράψιμο και χειροτεχνίες. Μπράβο Τίνα!
    Καλό καλοκαίρι!

    1. Καταλαβαίνω τι λες. Εγώ ήμουν τυχερή γιατί έκανα οικοκυρικά στο σχολείο και έμαθα αρκετά από εκεί.Επίσης η μητέρα μου έραβε και έτσι ξεκίνησα από πολύ μικρή.
      Φιλιά ,

  5. Very nice and useful ideas . You are fantastic!
    Have a nice week,

  6. Thank you so much sweet Melinda.
    I always try to give you some useful ideas for easy things to make and enjoy at home and it is good to hear that you like them.
    Tina xxx