Monday, June 1, 2015

A new month and a seahorse !!

Summer is officially here dear readers and three months of summery things lie ahead!
Things I like doing in summer  time:   
  •    riding my very old but  dear bike, 

  •  gazing at open , turquoise blue horizons,
  • day dreaming,  
  • crafting without looking at the watch!!!!

I love these little changing rooms/huts on the beach and can’t stop taking photos of them. I think this ‘tendency’ is related to my little obsession with similar little houses (i.e. bird houses, doll houses , beach huts etc), as you already knowJ.

First day of summer and a first summer crafting idea for you!!:
 A sea horse made of  little pieces of  tiles , china and glass, found on the beach! 
Collecting theses tiny weathered, sea drifted  pieces is another one of the things I like doing while on holidays and it is definitely another one of my little obsessions…..:)

I put them in boxes and arrange and rearrange them, till I find the right pieces to give life to a little critter.
It may sound like an easy thing to do , but it actually takes up a lot of time and  effort, but when everything comes together and all the little pieces of the puzzle are on their right place, the outcome is very pleasing and rewarding!

I used some PVA glue to stick the pieces on this drift wood I found on the beach and gave it a new appearance using  sandpaper and varnish.
Do you like it?
I think it will add a summery touch to your home. So , why don’t you give it a try!
Happy crafting dear readers and a happy June to all of you, wherever you are in this vast world!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Happy summer to you too !!!! Your seahorse is beautiful !! thanks a lot ... we need sun here .. it's so chilly !!! Thanks for your sunny post ...

    1. Thank you Geraldine,
      I hope you will have sunnier , warmer days , soon!
      Happy summer time!

  2. Beautiful photos
    Have a nice week,

  3. There is something so appealing about seahorses, I bought a book recently just because a seahorse was on the cover, your seahorse is lovely. Hx

    1. I love seahorses , too.
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Your seahorse is so pretty, and your photos are lovely too. Happy summer!
    Helen xox

    1. Happy summer and happy creations, too
      Tina xxx

  5. I like seahorses,beach huts and old bikes too.I have an old bike which I call "Damari".Have a nice summer and thanks for your beautiful ideas.

    Charlot xxx

    1. Have a nice summer , too and enjoy your bike rides!
      Tina :)