Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life is not …………..

I was away for few days, enjoying some rest at a place I love, a pretty, little  and very green village located by the sea , though my mind and soul were very worried and concerned about the situation in my country .
 Anyway, I turned on my laptop this evening to catch up with the blogs I follow and always enjoy reading and  I saw, on my computer screen, so many beautiful, heartwarming and inspiring pictures of beautiful people , happy , young people and children, nice families spending time together , sharing photos of their lovely crafts, beautiful  flowers , gardens, warm houses, towns, travels and family  life, and what came to my mind  is the word ‘LOVE’.

 ‘LOVE’ for our family and friends, our favourite occupations, creations, warm family life and homes .
YES, ‘LOVE’ is actually in the air , all around us and this is what  counts in our life .

 Life is not what they want to make us believe: millions of numbers on papers , money, loans, debts ,  banks, worrying about finances, fear  and uncertainty. 
Life can’t be about misery and worrying most of the time. Life can’t be  negativity and lack of hope .

 There is so much beauty and love around us , in so many little things that cost nothing, but give us the greatest pleasures , pleasures and happiness that no money can buy!

 I hope you like the pictures I'm sharing with you today, of a day spent in the countryside , on the beach , among beautiful flowers and watching an amazing sunset and a 'new moon' and Venus on the summer , night sky.

My love to all of you dear readers , 

Till next time, 
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You are so sweet.....

    Kyr.... from Chania Crete

    1. Thank you my dearest Kyr.
      Looking forward to seeing you soon and I hope you are having a good time and not getting too much tired .
      Tina xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos, they are beautiful. It must be so difficult for you just now, I'm glad you can see the love and beauty around you to help you through, people are what matter in the end. Hx

    1. You are right Helen,
      Thank you for your sweet comment.
      My best to you.
      Tina x

  3. A beautiful post, and such gorgeous pictures. You are right to take comfort in the joyous things of life and try not to worry.....this time will pass.
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful weekend.
    Helen xox

  4. Thank you so much Helen!
    It's always good to read your kind comments.
    Tina xxx