Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tomorrow will be a new day!

Today is the first day of holidays for me as the school closed for summer.
This has been a very creative school year with lots of activities and new beginnings and I feel happy and fulfilled that I am here today, thinking back to the nine months of school work , the moments we spent with my students and colleagues and what each one and all together accomplished . 
 For us teachers, the love that we give and receive from students and the happy smiles on their faces, is a big reward for all the hardships we may go through. Teaching is a really wonderful occupation and I’m glad to be a teacher!
 But this post is not, unfortunately, about teaching, holidays and fun……..
It is about the hard times that my country and people are going through right now.
It is about tomorrow, about the future of our lives. 
I’m trying to envisage this future but things are so perplexed today that I can’t do anything else than just wait and see what happens.
 I have been spending the last few days in front of the TV, waiting for some good news and hoping that an end will be put to this agony, but things seem to go from bad to worse and our lives are in a way at a pause mode.
No plans for trips, buys and carefree holidays right now. We have to be very careful with the money we spend, as banks are closed and will remain closed until the referendum is over.
What will the next day be like? Nobody seems to know.
I suppose that we will make a new, but quite painful beginning  and  the years to come won’t be easy at all  for the people who will have to adjust their lives to the demands of a new reality, whatever that may be…………

 I was thinking of all these, dear readers, few days ago, driving in the motorway and my thoughts were dark, when I suddenly saw this in the horizon.
 And I thought ‘mother Nature is always here, omnipresent, to offer its soothing beauty and peacefulness in times of worry and uncertainty’. Is this an omen?

  I think it is a sign for us, not to forget that it is not all about money. We live in beautiful country and we have to be positive and hope for a glorious rainbow to appear at the end of the dark and ominous tunnel. We will just have to look for it inside us, take courage, and be grateful for what we have.
I believe that tomorrow willl finally be a 'new day'..............
Till next time, 
Tina xxx


  1. Oh dear Tina, we all know about the situation of your country and I really hope that tomorrow will be better for all of you over there ... Best wishes ... hugs

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and love. It means a lot to me.
    Tina xxx

  3. You are such a dedicated teacher, and your pupils are lucky to have you, Tina. I am glad you saw the beautiful rainbow....surely a sign of hope. I wish you and your country well......and send love to you.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you so much for your supportive words,
      It is very good to feel that there are people who care for us.
      Tina xxx

  4. I'm glad that it's your holiday now. In my school we have two more weeks to go and we're all feeling very tired. Your photos are lovey and the rainbow is beautiful. Thinking of you and your fellow countrymen and women - I hope that the situation improves.
    Cathy x

    1. Thank you Cathy for your kind comment.
      I hope that things will become better , though I'm not very sure about it.
      Best wishes,