Tuesday, January 10, 2017

His first snow!

My wish came true and snowed again last night! I was playing with the baby inside, when I took a look out of the window to discern the bluish white of the snow  on the rooftops and gardens of the surrounding houses under a dark, evening sky!

Oh how  happy I was! No other sound was heard apart from the soft, reassuring   sound of the falling snow. I felt so good to be inside a warm house.
 Today morning ,I got up early and ventured  outside on the balcony, still in my pyjamas and  a heavy coat on  ,to look at  the snow covered neighbourhood and take some pictures of the white landscape. I was cold but decided to capture the moment!

 Later in the day, the sun reappeared and the snow started to melt . Everything was  bright and sparkling, but slowly disappearing like a palace made of snow in a fairy tale.

  I decided  on the spot that I wanted to share the beauty of snow with my baby, 

 but I couldn’t take him out to the bitter cold. So, I brought some snow in , on a plate!

 We sat down on the floor of his room and he touched the snow for the first time and made his first tiny snowball that soon started to melt in his little hand. Oh my little darling, I liked his reactions when he touched the cold thing and then, when he squeezed it between his little fingers .
   It’s amazing and moving to realize how  a little person makes his first ‘steps’ in life and has his  first experiences  of things we adults take for granted , but for him , I suppose , everything is an exciting ,new experience, an  adventure which will help him grow faster and better .
 I want to create many  exciting ‘experiences’ for him  every day and see him evolve through and by them.
After this first encounter with the fluffy snow in a plate, our little fingers were cold so we desperately needed to snuggle under a crochet blanket and feel cosy and warm like all little and  not so little creatures  wish to feel on a cold snowy winter day!
My love to all,

Tina xxx


  1. Lovely pictures. It's odd but we have no snow not even a frost in the Northeast of England. They call it the frozen north but just goes to show it's not.
    It's brilliant watching children experiencing things for the first time. I remember my daughter when I took her down to the beach she had been there lots but I waited until she was about two before I took her into the water & she yelled "It's too big". She's never lived that down. She still doesn't like the sea or swimming pools.

  2. My baby had his first swim when he was 4 months old and he really liked it! I was very glad about it because I know many children are afraid of water
    As for the snow ,we have snow almost every year but just for a brief time, at least in Athens where we live.Thank you so much for your comment! Tina

  3. Lovely moments that will be treasured forever. It's lovely to watch kids experience snow with such a wondrous excitement!

  4. Thank you for your comment Maya,it is actually amazing and wonderful to watch him grow!

  5. Such a lovely snowy celebration. Your baby holding some snow in his little hand for the first time is just the sweetest thing!
    Happy winter Tina!
    Helen xox

  6. Thank you so much! Yes that was so sweet and precious for me. Happy winter to you too!