Saturday, September 22, 2018

My 'new' little kitchen

Hello , hello, everybody!!!!!
I'm thrilled to be back after such a long absence from blogland.
All these years  I've been posting  in this little cyberspace , I've tried to write only when I've something  of interest to share with you , though sometimes I also feel the urge to open my little cyber window to you , just to say 'hello'.
Today , after so many days of being away from my blog, I felt this urge to post ,share some snippets from  my world with you and say 'happy autumn to all'.
Well, today's post will be about some liitle decorative changes  I've made to my kitchen and balcony during  summer months which I'm very happy with.
During summer time , I'm used to spending  most of my time, during morning hours , either in my little kitchen or on my balcony and it is so good to feel cosy and pleased with the sitting arrangements and decorations. The ritual of morning coffee becomes a luxury to me when my  surroundings are pretty , calm and colourful. I love colour in everything and adore colour combinations.
I prefer pastel colours and mainly hues of  light red and pink, yellow, grey, light blue and burgundy. Colours can make my day and the  lack of them in a room can make me feel uneasy and depressed.
For my 'balcony project' I used chalk paint to restore an old and neglected piece of furniture.  I also added some details using stencils to give it a more professional look. I actually made the colours myself using different chalk paints and acrylic colours. I'm excited with the outcome!!
I  added some decorative details to make this space more appealling : a wreath I made last spring, handmade bunding , candles and colourful cushions for  my director's chairs. I really enjoy having coffee and spending some quiet 'me' time. there. It is such a bright and cosy little space , perfect for breakfast and afternoon refreshments.
 The next plan which was successfully completed this summer was to make my little kitchen seem and feel larger, by adding a sitting-dining  area with a bench and special lighting.
I've been dreaming of this addition to my kitchen for ages, but  I couldn't find the appropriate piece of furniture. When I came across some IKEA hacks in Pinterest and saw how nice a KALLAX bookcase looks as a bench , I decided to give it a try.Well, I can honestly tell you  I'm really very , very happy with the outcome!! I opted for cushions in off-white and beize colours that suit my curtains and colours of tiles and TA-DAH!!!

I also bought a white , very simple but pretty lampshade and hung it directly above the table for some extra light at the dining area and also to 'separate' this space from the rest of the kitchen .
I added some decorative details : a new clock, a tea and coffee bar area , some  tiny pots with fake flowers that look real , candles etc. I spent very little money for a big change and an even  bigger satisfaction for a little dream coming true!!

I will leave you here my friends with a last colourful shot from another room of my house , which is full of colour and energy and where I spend lots of time with my little one who's growing very fast!!

  Have a good Sunday and a lovely autumn!

                                                                                My love,
                                                                               Tina xxx


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  2. Whoops don't know what that comment is above. Maybe some spam.

    I love your photos you have such an eye for colour and some lovely ideas. That bench is brilliant

    I have an old dresser which I have been tempted to try to paint with chalk but never had the courage. Looking at your photos makes me want to try it. Hope I can do it.

    Thanks for sharing your photos they are really beautiful.

  3. You should definitely try chalk paint it so easy and fun to use, and perfect if you like distressed look.Thank you for your kind comment.Love, Tina

  4. What a nice kitchen you have. I love cozy, welcoming kitchens, we spend so much time there, might as well be in a pretty room.

    1. Thank you Amalia! Yes we spend so much time in the kitchen and it is important to be cosy and welcoming.

  5. Such a lovely kitchen Tina. Its so cosy and welcoming. Well done !1!1!
    Nasi ♡

    1. Thank you dear, you are welcome for tea and cookies, any time!!