Friday, October 4, 2019

Armchairs dressed in autumn colours

Hello again!😊                                              Today I will show you how I transformed my very old twin armchairs , using a lovely fabric in autumn colours. I inherited the armchairs from my mum but they actually date from my grand parents' time. I quite like them but I didn't like the fabric used on them. I bought new fabric from IKEA and it was easy to put it in place using a stapler. I'm pleased with the outcome and very happy to look at them . They have definitely gained some more years of life in my living room! Below follow some pictures of the 'before' and 'after' phase of the transformation.

Do you like them?                                                 I will leave you with some pictures I took yesterday of my autumn decoractions which make me smile and dream of many happy and warm moments in the cold months ahead.  My love to all .Tina 😍           



  1. My they look really swish! That fabric is lovely, so stylish.

    I must check out our local Ikea for fabric. They sell a lot of cotton so should be good for quilting too.

  2. I very often buy fabric from IKEA , I have found very pretty ones all over the years. I've used them for curtains , tablecloths, cushions , patchwork etc. They don't have a very large variety and they don't add new ones very often, though.
    Thank you for your comment !!💕