Sunday, March 29, 2020

Coffee Anyone?

I’m opening my little blog window today to welcome you in for some coffee and cake or tea and cookies

                                                                  Whatever pleases you! 

 At these crazy and scary times of lockdown, social isolation and distancing, we need to have something pleasant to look forward to during the endless hours of being ‘locked in’, and worrying about the future.  Scientists say that we need to have a daily routine to keep us occupied and make us feel less anxious.
My routine includes some ‘me’ time, drinking my favourite coffee in a pretty, welcoming, and colourful environment.  

  When the weather is good , I’m really happy to go out on my balcony and sit among the flower pots , feel the sun on my face and sip my aromatic , filter coffee.  You don’t need much to feel good. Just take some time to create a pretty ‘scenery’ for you, a cosy, sweet place  at home. The right matching of colours can work miracles. Colours can calm you down. 

  I adore pastel colours, most shades of pink, red, light green, off whites, light blues and so many more.
In the pictures that follow, I have set up the scene for my morning coffee on the balcony, surrounded by lots of greenery, flowers (mainly artificial ones) wreathes, dream catchers and of course my favourite china and homemade cakes. 

I hope that you like it and that I’ve given you some ideas to create your ‘happy’ corner at home to make these days less stressful and more optimistic.

 My love to all. Take care!!

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