Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Hello everybody!!!
Today’s post has to be an optimistic one despite all the crazy and hard times the whole world is facing, as the good news is: SPRING is HERE !!!  Winters are becoming more and more difficult every year and I find myself longing for brighter and longer days, bird song, blooms, buds, flowers and COLOUR. Pastel colours, soft pinks and purples , mint greens, daffodil yellows, jasmine whites, blues of the clear sky, turquoise  and emerald of the Greek islands.  

  Today’s pictures are thus plunged into colour and happy vibes that I’m sending out to all of you! : CENTREPIECES  , inspired by spring and Easter , fields and hills covered by  a soft , transparent  veil of anemones and almond tree blooms.
CENTREPIECES you can create by using things you have at home, like old baskets, pots, fake flowers, candles, even some crochet flowers and of course ribbons, butterflies, little birds, wooden hearts, etc.
You can place them on a dining room table, a sofa table, a dresser, a small table on your balcony, a table in the garden even on a bookcase and  of course on window sills, on the steps of a staircase etc.

I love them and make different arrangements for the different seasons.
You can find similar fake flowers to the ones I’ve used, at very low prices . You can tie them together using some thread to create a posy and then cover the stems with some fabric.  You can put them in a basket along with a couple of wreaths and why not with an enamel teapot or a favourite mug. Add some final touches using little wooden butterflies and some tiny doves.


 You can arrange your flowers the way they best suit the basket or pot you have chosen and add some smaller pots with fake greenery inside, plus some pine cones painted purple or white, some ribbons, some Easter bunnies, eggs and whatever else you fancy, and your centrepiece will be ready at no time!


 Why not crochet some flowers in pastel colours, use them to ornate a wooden wreath and then place it on your table with a candle at the centre.

 A very easy -to-make idea is to paint some jars using chalk paint or acrylics and glue tiny fabric flowers around its upper part .Then you can use them as vases for spring blooms. If you place a number of them together on a tray on your sofa table, they will look great!!

 I hope I’ve given you the inspiration to create your own lovely spring time centrepiece , light an aromatic candle , make yourself a cuppa of tea and  take some time to enjoy life’s little pleasures….

                                                   My love to all,
                                                       Tina xxxx


  1. What gorgeous photos so cheery at such a depressing time. I received a book on crochet flowers for a birthday present last year and haven't made any yet so your photos are inspiring me.
    Take care and stay safe & healthy!

    1. Thank you Winifred for your comment. It's really good to know that people find my posts inspiring. This is the reason I continue posting here. Life has changed so much and so unbelievable things happen around us that I don't know what to say. I wish you and everybody to manage and protect ourselves and think positive , till this menace passes. My love, Tina .