Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Play Time !!

No matter how tired I may be, I always appreciate any chance that comes across my way for some  play time !!  As a matter of fact, I sometimes try to transform  work  into play .
 So, some days ago, when some festive baking was scheduled to take place in our home ,
  I  grabbed the chance to play with my ‘little’ army of gingerbread people

  I put eyes and mouths on their ‘suntanned’ faces and red and grey  ribbons for scarves.

 I arranged and rearranged them on plates , platters , bowls, tables etc. ,  next to tiny Santas and robins and felt excited like a child with a new toy, just before Christmas.

 I devoured some of my little ‘toys’ too and their spicy taste satisfied my palate and made me proud!! Yes, I had such good fun with them that it was really worth the whole effort and time I spent ‘bringing them to life’ !

Yesterday, it was play time again. When the baby fell asleep, I made some fun decorations for his  room. I  got the idea from Pinterest .
 The idea is that you use plastic animals on canvas to make humoristic and playful  decorative items.
 You actually cut the plastic toy into two and you stick the front part on canvas, which you then paint in whatever colour suits  the room. 

 The outcome is fantastic!!! It looks as if the animals have torn the canvas in their effort to  get out through  the wall!! I believe the baby will like them and will let his imagination free to make his own stories about his  zebra, elephant and green dinosaur.
 Of course, you may already have understood that I had a great fun making them and I am really excited and happy about the way they look and how they fit in with the decoration of the baby’s room. ( The ‘theme’ of the room is :animals of the forest and the jungle , trees and birds. )

I can tell you that I feel quite exhausted by all the things I do  on a daily basis without any breaks  but  happy too , as I have also managed to  make some  little happy things for me and my house .
I wish you all many happy  moments during the festive season and  I hope you   find the time to ‘play’ and  look after  yourselves. You deserve it !!!

Merry Christmas !!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Tina!!!Your gingerbread cookies were delicious!
    Have a nice and creative week!

  2. Ī¤hank you dear!I'm glad you liked my cookies!See you soon. Tina xxx

  3. Merry Christmas dearest Tina and may this new year bring you joy and laughter. To be happy is the greatest wish in life!Thank you so much for all your kind visits my friend!
    Love, Olympia

    1. Merry Christmas dear friend.May the new year bring us all what our hearts desire.THank you too for your visits to my little cyber space! Tina xxx

  4. Wonderful creative ideas! I love the little scarves on your cute gingerbread men! And the animal art is such a fun idea. Merry Christmas, Tina.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you for your kind words.I really appreciate it. My warmest wishes to you and your family. Love, Tina xox

  5. I too have been tickled by all the fake taxidermy projects around the internet, but sadly my kids are big for stuff like that so I satisfy myself by just looking at them. Yours turned out fantastically!
    Wishing you a fantastic Christmas!

  6. Thank you dear.I'm thrilled with my little zoo and those who have seen it liked it ,so mission was accomplished! Many wishes to you,have a wonderful Christmas!!!